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EASYCOM & C. Srl stands out owing to its fresh appeal, its flexible approach , its innovative craftsmanship using the most advanced technology without renouncing the human touch which gives the product authenticity and originality balancing the thin line between craftsmanship and industrial production.

Founded in 2007 Easycom was initially only a commercial enterprise, subsequently a production unit was added thanks to the entrepreneurial initiative of the owner and his undying curiosity towards materials and their technical and aesthetical characteristics.

With the completion of the production process, Easycom is able to manage all the various steps involved in developing a handmade product: starting from the acquiring of the raw materials to the manufacturing and delivery of the finished product.

The first companies which were able to identify this potential, were those involved in fashion, in accessories and in design. These companies continue to choose Easycom in order to develop their ambitious, communicative and refined projects relying on the quality of the materials and of a production which is exclusively Made in Italy.

New identity :: deluxesign

Even if it is a relatively young company Easycom has gained a considerable amount of experience in its field. Therefore a new structure was established called DELUXESIGN. The aim of this new corporate division is to follow the development of a project through profound and constant research within the endless possibilities offered by shapes, techniques and varied materials. Proposals can come from customers, the team, internal or external subjects who are all directed to the same objective, that is, to develop a unique product with its own identity. The continual exchange of information and knowledge, coming from people of different professional lifestyles, is a fundamental component for the growth and planning of our company. These are examples of the constant innovation imposed by our company.

"The sign of luxury" therefore singles out the movement towards hand-made products unique in their own right, from niche objects to those available to all, but in any case objects that only a sensitive and attentive eye can see as "luxury" due to their inherent quality and for what is behind their creation.

Our Vision

Our fundamental approach is based on giving full satisfaction to our client's requirements The person who turns to us must feel that he is well looked after, he must feel that his interests are also ours according to the saying "Easycom is your business".

Our enthusiasm for teamwork and for the continual search for new materials and processes is reflected in the creation of a product which satisfies both us and our clients.

Our principles guide us towards this mission: our passion for design and for excellence, our appreciation of beauty and for well-made products as well as the work ethic which is demonstrated through the enhancement and the continuous professional growth of the firm’s employees. This concept makes our activity stand out in various sectors.

Easycom aims at playing a leading role in this sector, at being a point of reference for research and the development of products which can improve the quality of work, and more generally, the quality of life for those sharing our path.