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Easycom & C. S.r.l.

Via C. Gerolamo Acerbis, 14
24022 Alzano Lombardo (BG)

Tel: +39 0363 303631

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Easycom uses mainly folding technology which is a form of manufacturing carried out on sheets of various materials in order to obtain unique elements with clean profiles. As in the case of origami the fine layer of material placed on a specific machine becomes a sheet of paper on which long lines are traced thereby enabling the folding of the surface to create the desired object.
The advantage of this form of manufacturing is that the product is a single unit, not made up of different parts glued together with the risk of defects connected to manual assembly.

The value of the final product therefore derives from being an object originated by industrial manufacturing but also by being an entity resulting from the skilled craftsmanship of the artisan who playfully transforms a flat surface into a three-dimensional creature.

Bearing this in mind, we are able to produce both single objects as well as those in large quantities. We guarantee competitive prices to our clients because expensive moulds are not required.

Moreover, thanks to the absolute flexibility of this technology, there are no limits to the dimensions of the product, just that of the sheet itself. This is a great advantage as we do not have to relinquish quality,uniformity and precision. During these years of experience and dedication towards these diverse materials a dense net of cooperation has been created which even now completes and extends our activity, thus making Easycom always competitive and flexible to the changes in the market trends.

Just this constant inclination for innovation has allowed us to achieve this leap ahead. From an aesthetic point of view, as in interior decoration, in which a carrying structure needs to be covered to make it more attractive to the human eye, objects which are no longer ancillary have now been developed to become fundamental structures in their own right. A self-supporting hand-made object which is attractive and adaptable in endless scenarios.

One of these regards the fashion business in which the displayed element is promoted to a true sculpture i n order to catch the attention and convey the soul of the brand.

The features of our products are exploited to the hilt: modulation, lightness, and aesthetic impact that characterize the image of corporates, which take into account communication, trends and their clients’ needs.